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Founders Story

BlockTexx founders Graham Ross and Adrian Jones bring their unique combination of experience in sustainable textiles and retail fashion to the growing global problem of textile waste.


By combining world leading technology with their passion to lead positive change in the fashion industry, Graham and Adrian have begun a pathway for collaboration with key industry players including designers, major fashion brands, retail corporations, charities and governments.

Graham Ross was motivated to start his sustainable sportswear company, Kusaga Athletic, after learning the impact of clothing manufacture on the environment. With technology at the forefront, Kusaga worked with fibre manufacturers worldwide to develop four revolutionary fabrics as planet-friendly alternatives to cotton and polyester. From one of those fabrics, Kusaga created the Greenest T-shirt on the Planet which uses just 1% of the water used to make a regular cotton tee.


Believing the textile industry needs to transition to closed loop sourcing, Graham again looked to technology for the solution, seeing the opportunity to adapt blockchain and the Internet of Things to address the global problem of consumer textile waste. The BlockTexx marketplace and advisory services will drive significant change within the textile industry and the way fashion brands work.


Graham’s determination to drive positive change in the textile industry comes down to one question: If not us, then who?

Adrian Jones is a seasoned retail veteran with over thirty years’ experience in major retailers in the UK and Australia. He has held multiple senior roles, including CEO of APG, owner of iconic brands Sportscraft and Saba. He has a deep and thorough knowledge of sourcing, supply chain and product development in the textile industry. He is a ‘dyed in the wool’ retailer, who loves the fashion industry.


As both an industry participant and consumer, Adrian has realised that the industry is both ready for and needs positive and real change. He observed the tension of trying to continue to grow consumption without dealing with the waste we produce, and this is where BlockTexx can make a significant contribution to the fashion model, converting textile waste into resource.


Adrian is married, lives in Sydney with his wife and two sons. He is a Director with Youth Homelessness Charity Homie, and in his free time, is a keen cyclist.

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