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Unlocking the value of textile waste

The ‘holy grail’ for sustainability in textiles and fashion

BlockTexx is a clean technology company that recovers polyester and cellulose from textiles and clothing.


Our mission is to divert textiles and clothing away from landfill and accelerate the global textile recycling industry towards a sustainable future.


BlockTexx turns textile waste into a resource, stimulates the production of new products and meets consumers demands to reduce the environmental impact of our everyday clothing.  

Textiles; recycled, reused

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“What we’ve been looking for’: How Australian start-up BlockTexx is turning discarded clothes into raw, commodity-level plastic”

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"While countless industry executives will continue to cite the circular economy in conference speeches, it is the work of companies such as BlockTexx which is transforming that rhetoric from hollow green wash into a viable solution."

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“a holy grail ... for the industry and the planet that will help close the loop between resource-intensive fabric production and fast-growing piles of textile waste.”

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“What the BlockTexx solution will enable us to do is send those items we can’t reuse back through the supply chain to be turned into their raw materials.”

What we do


- Separation of fibre technology


BlockTexx owns proprietary technology that separates polyester and cotton materials such as clothes, sheets and towels of any colour or condition back into their high value raw materials of PET and Cellulose for reuse as new products for all industries.

The recovered PET is polymerised to create virgin-quality rPET plastic pellets - PolyTexx® - suitable for use in injection moulding, packaging, building products and textiles.

The recovered cellulose is processed to create Microcrystalline cellulose - CellTexx® - for use in many industries such as agricultural, building and manufacturing.


BlockTexx is leading a global movement toward a circular economy for our customers and production partners, by developing planet focussed solutions that divert textile waste from landfill and into sustainable products.



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